SWTOR Game Update 3.0: Shadow of Revan is now live featuring Shadow of Revan Digital Expansion Early Access, the Disciplines class system, and the new Effect Procs! GUI elements.

SWTOR Game Update 3.0: Shadow of Revan Highlights:

Class Disciplines: Disciplines is a major overhaul to the class system which replaces the current Skill Tree system.
The Disciplines System changes the way we think about and develop the classes themselves, which translates into a more balanced game and the capacity to expand levels and abilities more often.

Single-Player Forged Alliances: Players who haven’t completed the Forged Alliances story arc can access the new Mission “Prelude to Shadow of Revan” on their ship. This Mission provides the necessary Fleet Passes to move through Parts 1-3 of the epic Forged Alliances story.

While on the Mission “Prelude to Shadow of Revan,” players also have access to the Solo Modes of the Forged Alliances Flashpoints when the chain calls for them to be completed.

New GUI Element: A new visualization system called Effect Procs plays an eye-catching visual effect around hotbar buttons when the ability in that button has been “powered up” by another effect.

Bounty Contract Week: Bounty Contract Week is about to return. The event is scheduled to begin on December 9th at 4 AM PST/12:00 GMT and end on December 16th at 4 AM PST/12:00 GMT.

SWTOR Game Update 3.0: Shadow of Revan patch notes