Bioware is set to host yet another Star Wars: The Old Republic Double Experience Weekend starting Friday, April 11 to “make good” for XP issues at the previous event in March.

The coming weekend, Star Wars: The Old Republic kicks of another 2XP Weekend, granting double experience gains. The announcement and explanation for 2XP Weekend was posted by Eric Musco on the official swtor.com forums:

“You may remember back when we ran our last double XP weekend that there were a lot of forum reports around that Kuat Drive Yards was not issuing double XP. Once we realized that, as a make good to the issue, we would do another double XP weekend so you can all reap that sweet, sweet double XP in KDY.”

The 2XP Weekend is scheduled to commence on Friday, April 11 just after the release of the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic game update 2.7 “The Invasion” on Tuesday, April 8.