Early access to the SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion is now available for eligible subscribers, featuring a new and epic story line, a new level cap, the new planet Zakuul, the new Star Fortress Flashpoint, and several brand new unlockable companions.

The latest digital expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic brings several changes to the game, including extending level cap to 65, the new planet Zakuul and Star Fortress Flashpoint, the introduction and first chapters of the ongoing Knights of the Fallen Empire story line, and much more.

“Knights of the Fallen Empire is a deeper and more personal story; a return to our BioWare cinematic storytelling roots. We hope that all of you enjoy this story as much as we enjoyed creating it. For our team, this expansion was inspired by all of you, our players. It is about the hero’s journey and the challenges that we face when we set out on that path…in a galaxy far, far away.”

The Fallen Empire expansion also comes with a one-time level 60 character. If you’ve been away from SWTOR or a while and lack a level 60 character, you can create a brand new level 60 toon and instantly set out to unravel the Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline.